Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Drawing Beyond the Page

Recorded at U of Iowa in my Concepts of Drawing class.
Participating student artists: Zoe Webb, Melissa Schreiber, Laurel Protexter, Spencer Lundquist, Megan Hindman, and Sabra Cacho.

Installing return|beyond this Sunday at the University of Iowa

Follow this link for location and times:

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


“Woe to people with a retentive memory: yesterday’s trusty tracks will be found to end up at blank walls or in quicksand today, and the habitual behavioral patterns, once foolproof, are likely to bring disaster instead of success.” 44 Letters from the Liquid Modern World, Bauman

Newly installed at the Ritz in Boston

      If you happen to be visiting the Ritz in Boston be sure to check out the Phil's Hill drawing that they just installed in the lobby. Later this summer you will be able to see my drawings throughout the hotel.
      I am very excited to have my work displayed in the new Ritz location on Washington and Avery Streets. A distant relative of mine, Charles E. Lauriat (my grandfather's great great uncle), opened the bookstore known as Lauriat's Books at 385 Washington St., in 1898. It is an honor to be bringing the family name back into the neighborhood.