Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Inner Canyon

These drawings were all made during my 5 day inner canyon hike. Along with my photographs, the drawings will serve as source material for my larger works on paper/paintings.
The hike was amazing. There are a lot of rocks down in that hole - big ones, little ones, hard ones, soft ones, red ones, black ones, white ones, rocks made out of other rocks, rocks made out of ocean sediment, volcanic rocks, and there was even silt down by the Colorado River. More rocks than you can shake a stick at, that's for sure. And they are all slowly making there way from the rim of the canyon down to the river. Some rocks perched on ledges look precarious when viewed from the rim - but when viewed from the inner canyon the better word is ominous. I'd love to see one of those great big rocks roll. Rain forecast for next week may give me that opportunity.

(hold shift down when clicking on images for largest view)

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  1. Love #4! Don't stand too close when the big rocks roll! Lynne