Sunday, September 9, 2012

Rockslide at the New Hampshire Institute of Art

This piece is on view in the Faculty Exhibition at New Hampshire Institute of Art.
Showing this cut out in NH adds nicely to the context of the piece. The image is of a rockslide in the southwest, as well as a featureless profile. In the state of NH those two things together must make one think of the old man on the mountain that is no longer. A natural formation at first, in the late decades of the 20th century the old man's profile had to be held in place by chains and bolts. When I found this out the profile became a joke to me. What did it matter if there was a naturally occurring profile there if its existence was no longer natural? When the old man's face finally fell off the mountain, I was tickled pink. Nature had won. The persistence of water and wind that formed the profile took it away. Rocks will fall, here and in the southwest - it is inevitable.
I'm very happy that the first showing of this piece is in NH.

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